Customized flexible silicone rubber heating pad with thermostat

Short Description:

The silicone rubber heater that used for 3D printers is mainly composed of high resistance alloy wire or metal etching foil and fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber insulation cloth, which is pressed together at high temperature.




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Core Components nickel chromium alloy heating wire or Etched nickel chrome foil
size custom size
Insulation Material Silicone Rubber
Using temperature 0-200C
using environment For 3D printer
thermostat with NTC or others


1. High heat conversion efficiency: the heating pad has high heat conversion efficiency, high temperature, and uniform heat transfer.
2. High quality material: Made of silicone material, durable and have a long lifetime.
3. Uniform heating: Surface mounted NTC 100K thermistor, built-in rubber silicone, excellent heat source, evenly heated throughout the entire surface.
4. Large selection: we can customize the size according to your requirement, it can be perfect for your 3D printer and a perfect accessory.

Some common dimensions of silicone heating pads for 3D printer

wattage voltage size
7.5W 12V/220v/380V 50*50mm,Square shape
 30W 12V/220v/380V 100*100mm,Square shape
 50W 12V/220v/380V 100*150mm,Square shape
 150W 12V/220v/380V 200*200mm,Square shape
 300W 12V/220v/380V 300*300mm,Square shape
 750W 12V/220v/380V 500*500mm,Square shape
 200W 12V/220v/380V 200*300mm,Rectangle shape
 8W 12V/220v/380V diameter 100mm,round shape
 120W 12V/220v/380V diameter 200mm,round shape

Other applications of silicone rubber heater:

for oil drum

For Lithium battery

For Belt feeder

For color sorter

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色选机 拷贝

For Liquid ammonia gas cylinder

For gas tank

For Hot pressing fixture

液态氨气钢瓶 1
煤气罐加热  1
热压夹具加热垫片 拷贝

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