High quality 100KW electric air duct heater with blower for room heating

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Air Duct Heater is mainly used for heating the air in the air duct. The common thing in the structure is that the steel plate is used to support the electric heating tube to reduce the vibration of the electric heating tube, and it is installed in the junction box.

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Electric Air Duct Heaters uses electric power as energy to convert electric energy into heat energy via electric heating element. The heating element of the air heater is a stainless steel heating tube, which is made by inserting electric heating wires into a seamless steel tube, filling the gap with magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation, and shrinking the tube. When the current passes through the high-temperature resistance wire, the heat generated is diffused to the surface of the heating tube through the crystalline magnesium oxide powder, and then transferred to the heated gas to achieve the purpose of heating.

When operating, hot air is circulated in the system through Air Blower,it is a energy efficient alternative to conventional Wood/Coal/Gas heaters. Electric air heater with a wide range: any gas can be heated, the heat produced by the dry air no water, no electric, no combustion, no explosions, no chemical corrosion resistance, no pollution, safe and reliable, fast heated space heating (controlled).

Model : YY-FD-100

 Technical Parameters

Voltage: 380V-660V 3Phase 50Hz/60Hz

Wattage: 100KW


Material: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel

Temperature: -40-350℃

Heat efficiency:≥95%

Different Types

Air duct heaters


1. Heat treating

2. Air drying operations

3. Air handling equipment 

4. Forced air comfort heating

5. Core drying 

6. Fan coils

7. Booster air heater

8. Air pre-heating

9. Terminal reheating 

10. Multizone reheating

11. Heat pump auxiliary systems

12. Return air heating

13. Resistor load banks 

14. Annealing

15. In Air Handling Units

16. Heat treating

17. Forced air comfort heating 

18. Booster air heater

19. Air drying operations 

20. Core drying

21. Air pre-heating

22. Air handling equipment

23. Terminal reheating 

24. Multizone reheating

25. Heat pump auxiliary systems 

26. Resistor load banks

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Purchasing Guide


1. Could you tell me your using environment?

2. What’s your required temperature?

3. What material do you need?

4. Do you need blower and control cabinet? Any other requirements, feel free to tell us.  

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