Classification of pipeline heater

From heating medium, we can divided it into gas pipeline heater and fluid pipeline heater:

1. Gas pipe heaters are usually used to heat air, nitrogen and other gases, and can heat the gas to the required temperature in a very short time.
2. Liquid pipeline heater is usually used to heat water, oil and other fluids, to ensure the outlet temperature meets the process requirements.

From structure, pipeline heaters are divided into horizontal type and vertical type, the working principle is the same. The pipeline heater uses flange type electric heating element, and is equipped with a professional design of the guide plate, to ensure that the electric heat element heating uniform and heating medium fully absorb heat.

1. Vertical pipeline heater covers a small area but has requirements for height, horizontal type covers a large area but has no requirements for height
2. If there is a phase change, the vertical effect is better.

Gas Pipeline Heater002

Post time: Jan-06-2023