Common problems and solutions of air duct heater

Duct heaters, also known as air heaters or duct furnaces, are mainly used to heat the air in the duct. The common feature of their structures is that the electric heating elemets is supported by steel plates to reduce the vibration when the fan stops. Additionally, they are all equipped with over-temperature controls in the junction box.

During use, the following problems may be encountered: air leakage, excessive temperature in the junction box, and failure to reach the required temperature.

A. Air leakage: In general, poor sealing between the junction box and the inner cavity frame is the cause of air leakage.

Solution: Add a few gaskets and tighten them. The shell of the inner cavity air duct is manufactured differently, which can enhance the sealing effect.

B. High temperature in the junction box: This problem occurs in the older Korean air ducts. There is no insulation layer in the junction box, and the electric heating coil has no cold end. If the temperature is not very high, you can turn on the ventilation fan in the junction box.

Solution: Insulate the junction box with insulation or place a cooling zone between the junction box and the heater. The surface of the electric heating coil can be provided with a finned heat sink structure. Electrical controls must be linked with fan controls. A linkage device must be set between the fan and the heater to ensure that the heater starts after the fan works. After the heater stops working, the fan must be delayed for more than 2 minutes to prevent the heater from being overheated and damaged.

C. The required temperature cannot be reached:

Solution: 1. Check the current value. If the current value is normal, determine the air flow. It may be that the power matching is too small.

2. When the current value is abnormal, remove the copper plate and measure the resistance value of the heating coil. The electric heating coil may be damaged.

To sum up, during the use of ducted heaters, a series of measures such as safety measures and maintenance should be paid attention to to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.

Post time: May-15-2023