Features of thermal oil heater

Electric thermal oil furnace, also known as oil heater, it is the electric heater directly inserted into the organic carrier (heat conduction oil) direct heating,  circulation pump will force heat conduction oil to make circulation, the energy will be transfered to one or more heat equipment, after that back to the heater through the circulation pump, then absorb heat, transfer to the heat equipment, Such a cycle, the continuous transfer of heat, so that the temperature of the heated object to meet the requirements of the heating process.

1. It can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure.

2. the thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%, under different working conditions, can maintain the best thermal efficiency.

3. intelligent control system, you can carry out stable heating and accurate temperature regulation.

4. with automatic operation control and safety monitoring device.

5. Adopt high-quality lightweight insulation, heat-resistant materials, heat loss has been reduced, but also improve the operating environment.

6. the domestic leading level of furnace structure design and system configuration design, and then, the product can save 20% of the investment and operation costs.

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Post time: Feb-27-2023