How to correctly choose a thermal oil furnace?

When choosing a thermal oil furnace, you must pay attention to environmental protection, economy, and practicality. Generally, thermal oil furnaces are classified into electric heating oil furnaces, coal-fired thermal oil furnaces, fuel-fired thermal oil furnaces, and gas-fired thermal oil furnaces. Among them, the initial investment of coal-fired thermal oil furnace is relatively large, but after normal operation, the relative investment is reduced, but it consumes a lot of energy, is not environmentally friendly and pollutes the environment. The electric heating thermal oil furnace can choose to adjust the electric power, which can greatly reduce production costs. It uses electric heating, clean energy, environmental protection and pollution-free.

Choosing the correct electric heating thermal oil furnace heater can improve product quality. It uses original imported high-temperature pumps without shaft seals, imported components, long service life, fast upgrade speed, stable temperature, and unique dual-power heating design, suitable for different temperature controls. It is used in various places and has obvious energy-saving effect. It is made of stainless steel and has the characteristics of small pipe loss and uniform heating.

The electric heating thermal oil furnace is a new type of heat energy conversion heating equipment, which is widely used in petrochemical, synthetic fiber, textile printing and dyeing, food, air conditioning and other industries.

Detailed description of the characteristics of electric heating thermal oil furnace:

1. The heat transfer medium of the electric heating thermal oil furnace heating system is an organic heat carrier – thermal oil. This medium is odorless, non-toxic, has no environmental pollution, and has no corrosion to the equipment. It has a long service life and is a “low pressure and high temperature” type of high-efficiency, energy-saving heating equipment.

2. Able to obtain higher working temperature (≤340°C) at lower working pressure (<0.5MPA). When the oil temperature is 300°C, the operating pressure is only one-seventieth of the saturated steam pressure of water. , The thermal efficiency can be as high as more than 95%.

3. It can perform stable heating and precise temperature adjustment (temperature control accuracy ±1℃).

4. The thermal oil furnace has an advanced and complete control system and safety detection equipment. The heating process is fully automatically controlled, and the operation is simple and easy to install.

5. It can be installed horizontally near the heat user (heat equipment or heat environment) without laying a foundation or having a dedicated person on duty.

Post time: Nov-21-2023