How To Deal With The Abnormality Of Electric Thermal Oil Furnace

 The abnormality of the heat transfer oil furnace must be stopped in time, so how to judge and deal with it?

The circulating pump of the heat transfer oil furnace is abnormal.

1. When the current of the circulating pump is lower than the normal value, it means that the power of the circulating pump is reduced and the flow rate is reduced, which may be the fouling and blockage of the heating pipeline, which should be cleaned up;

2. The pressure of the circulating pump remains unchanged, the current increases, and the flow decreases, which is also the conversion of the heat transfer fluid, and the viscosity increases, which should be replaced or regenerated in time;

3. The current of the circulating pump decreases and the pressure of the outlet pump returns to zero, indicating that the pump does not supply oil during idling. It may be that the oil evaporates. Find out the cause of the evaporation; if the filter is blocked, the circulating pump should immediately open the bypass to clean the filter; if the system is new The added heat transfer fluid contains water or the gas decomposed by water is not removed, and the air valve should be opened immediately to exhaust.

The outlet temperature of the liquid-phase heat-conducting oil furnace is low, the heat supply is insufficient, and the exhaust gas temperature exceeds 300 ℃, which is mainly due to the problem of soot accumulation, and soot should be blown in time. Although the furnace is under positive pressure, the blast volume is not large, the furnace temperature is low, and the burning intensity is not good. Focus on checking the water seal of the slagging machine after the furnace. Whether the dust outlet of the dust collector is well closed and whether there is a large amount of cold air leakage. Increase the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter in the heat transfer oil furnace. When the pump inlet pressure decreases, the strainer may be clogged. Register bypass and remove filter.

Common faults and treatment of chain grate.

1. The change of stopping the grate may be that the chain is too loose, the meshing with the sprocket is poor, or the sprocket is severely worn, and the connection with the chain is bad; adjust the adjustment screws on both sides from the beginning, and tighten the grate. If it still doesn’t work, the sprocket needs to be replaced.

2. The grate is stuck. After the grate is broken or the pin falls off, the grate is loose; the metal inclusions in the coal are stuck on the grate; the grate is arched; the top of the slag retainer sinks and jams the grate.

Treatment method: use a wrench to reverse the furnace to remove debris. Start after replacing the cracked grate pieces.

How To Deal With The Abnormality Of Electric Thermal Oil Furnace

Post time: Aug-15-2022