Instructions for the application of liquid electric heaters

The core heating component of the liquid electric heater is designed with a tube cluster structure, which has fast thermal response and high thermal efficiency. Temperature control adopts microcomputer intelligent dual temperature dual control mode, PID automatic adjustment, and high temperature control accuracy. Widely used in petrochemical, textile printing and dyeing, etc. working temperature ≤98 ℃, used for heating and thermal insulation heat treatment in printing industry, pharmaceutical, medical and other fields. The main components adopt international and domestic brand products, which have long service life, safety and environmental protection.

The circulating liquid electric heater heats the liquid by forced convection through a pump. This is a heating method with forced circulation through a pump. The circulating electric heater has the characteristics of small size, large heating power and high thermal efficiency. Its working temperature and pressure are high. The higher working temperature can reach 600℃, and the pressure resistance can reach 20MPa. The structure of the circulating electric heater is sealed and reliable, and there is no phenomenon of leaking. The medium is heated evenly, the temperature rises rapidly and stably, and the automatic control of parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow can be realized.

When using a liquid heater, the following details cannot be ignored:

First, keep your device clean

When using a liquid heater, various liquid media are naturally heated. In the process of use, we must pay attention to health problems. After long-term use, there will be scale, grease and other substances on the inner wall of the device. At this time, it must be cleaned in time before use, because if it is used directly, it will not only affect the heating effect, but also shorten the service life of the equipment.

Second, avoid drying heating

During the use of the device, dry heating should be avoided (after the power is turned on, the device has no heating medium or is not fully charged), because this will affect the normal use of the device and may seriously endanger the safety of users. Therefore, to avoid this, it is recommended to measure the volume of the heating liquid before use, which is also safer.

Then, preset the voltage

When using the device, the voltage should not be too high at the start of operation. The voltage should drop slightly below the rated voltage. After the equipment is adapted to the voltage, gradually increase the voltage, but not exceed the rated voltage to ensure uniform heating.

Finally, always check the parts of the device

Because liquid electric heaters generally work for a long time, some internal parts are easily loosened or damaged after a period of time, so the staff needs to check regularly, so that not only can it be used normally, but also the service life of the equipment can be guaranteed.

In short, there are many precautions when using liquid electric heaters, and here are only a few of them, which are also the most basic. I hope you can take it seriously and master the correct use method during use, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also prolong the service life of the equipment.

Instructions for the application of liquid electric heaters

Post time: Aug-15-2022