Summary of application fields of pipeline heater

The structure, heating principle and characteristics of the pipe heater are introduced.Today, I will sort out the information about the application field of the pipe heater that I met in my work and that exists in the network materials, so that we can better understand the pipe heater.

1、 Thermal vulcanization

Adding sulfur, carbon black, etc. into raw rubber and heating it under high pressure to make it become vulcanized rubber. This process is called vulcanization. The selection of vulcanization equipment is particularly important.

At present, there are many kinds of vulcanization equipment, mainly including vulcanization tank, water chiller, vulcanizer, oil filter, sealing ring, high pressure ball valve, oil tank, pressure gauge, oil level gauge and oil temperature gauge. At present, indirect vulcanization is widely used, without the addition of hot air, and the pipe type air heater is the most widely used hot air.

Its working principle is that the explosion-proof electric heater is a kind of electrical energy consumption converted into heat energy, and the air electric heater is used to heat the materials to be heated. During the operation, the low temperature fluid medium enters its input port under pressure through the pipeline, along the specific heat exchange flow path inside the air heating container, and uses the path designed by the fluid thermodynamics principle of the air heater to take away the high temperature heat energy generated during the operation of the electric heating element inside the air heater, so that the temperature of the heated medium of the air electric heater increases, and the outlet of the electric heater gets the high temperature medium required for vulcanization.

2、 Superheated steam

At present, the steam generator on the market generates steam by means of boiler heating. Due to pressure limitation, the steam temperature generated by the steam generator does not exceed 100 ℃. Although some steam generators use pressure boilers to generate steam of more than 100 ℃, their structures are complex and bring pressure safety problems. In order to overcome the above problems of low temperature of steam generated by ordinary boilers, complex structure, high pressure and low temperature of steam generated by pressure boilers, explosion-proof pipe heaters came into being.

This explosion-proof pipe heater is a long continuous pipe that heats a small amount of water. The pipe is continuously equipped with a heating device, and the pipe is connected with a superheated steam outlet, including an electromagnetic water pump, an electric water pump, etc., as well as any other form of water pump.

3、 Process water

Process water includes drinking water, purified water, water for injection and sterilized water for injection. The process water explosion-proof pipeline heater is composed of a shell, a heating tube, and a metal tube installed in the inner cavity of the shell. The fluid electric heater used for heating the process water is used to heat the materials to be heated by converting the consumed electric energy into heat energy.

During the operation, the low temperature fluid medium enters its input port through the pipeline under the pressure, along the specific heat exchange channel inside the electric heating container, using the path designed by the principle of fluid thermodynamics, to take away the high temperature heat energy generated during the operation of the electric heating element, so that the temperature of the heated medium increases, and the outlet of the electric heater gets the high temperature medium required by the process.

4、 Glass preparation

In the float glass production line for glass production, the molten glass in the tin bath is thinned or thickened on the surface of the molten tin to form glass products. Therefore, as a thermal equipment, the tin bath plays a key role, and tin is easy to be oxidized, and the requirements for tin pressure and sealing are very high, so the working condition of the tin bath plays a crucial role in the quality and output of glass. Therefore, in order to ensure the production process of the tin bath, nitrogen is generally set in the tin bath. Nitrogen becomes the protective gas of the tin bath due to its inertia and acts as the reducing gas to ensure the operation of the tin bath. Therefore, the tank edges generally need to be sealed, including the fiber insulation layer, mastic seal layer and sealant insulation layer used to cover the tank body edge seal of the tin bath. The mastic seal layer is covered and fixed on the fiber insulation layer, and the sealant insulation layer is covered and fixed on the mastic seal layer. However, the gas in the bath will also leak out.

When the nitrogen in the tin bath changes, it is difficult to ensure the quality of glass products. Not only is the defective rate high, but also the production efficiency is low, which is not conducive to the development of enterprises.

Therefore, a nitrogen heater, also known as the gas pipeline heater, is provided with a heating device and a detection device to realize the gradient heating of nitrogen and stabilize the temperature of nitrogen.

5、 Dust drying

At present, in chemical production, a large amount of dust is often produced due to the crushing of raw materials. These dust are collected by the dust removal system to the dust removal room for reuse, but the moisture content of dust produced by different raw materials varies greatly.

For a long time, the collected dust is generally directly compressed and reused. When there is a large amount of water in the dust, hardening and mildew will occur during storage and transportation, resulting in poor treatment effect and affecting the quality of products after secondary utilization. At the same time, the moisture content of the dust is too high. When the tablet press presses the dust, it often blocks the material, even damages the tablet press, shortening the service life of the equipment, affecting the continuity of production, leading to low product quality.

The new explosion-proof pipeline heater has solved this problem, and the drying effect is good. It can monitor the moisture content of different chemical dusts in real time, and ensure the quality of dust tablet.

6、 Sewage treatment

With the rapid development of economy, the production of sludge is increasing day by day. The problem of river canal sludge with multiple microorganisms is increasingly concerned by people. This problem is solved ingeniously by using pipe heater to dry sludge and sludge as fuel.

Post time: Nov-23-2022