The common failures and maintenance of electric heater

Common Failures:


1. The heater annot heat (the resistance wire is burned off or the wire is broken at the junction box)

2. Rupture or fracture of electric heater (cracks of electric heat pipe, corrosion rupture of electric heat pipe, etc.)

3. Leakage (mainly automatic circuit breaker or leakage protection switch trip, the electric heating elements can’t heat)


1. If the heater cannot heat, and the resistance wire is broken, it can only be replaced; If the cable or connector is broken or loose, you can reconnect.

2. If the electric heating tube is broken, we can only replace the electric heating element.

3. If it is leakage, it is necessary to confirm the leakage point and consider it according to the situation. If the problem is on electric heating element, we can dry it on the drying oven; If the insulation resistance value does not go up, it may have to replace the electric elements; If the junction box is flooded, dry it with a hot air gun. If the cable is broken, wrap with tape or replace the cable.

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Post time: Nov-12-2022