The operation of thermal oil heater

1. Operators of electric thermal oil furnaces shall be trained in the knowledge of electric thermal oil furnaces, and shall be examined and certified by local boiler safety supervision organizations.

2. The factory must formulate the operating rules for the electric heating heat conduction oil furnace. The operating procedures shall include the operation methods and matters needing attention, such as starting, running, stopping and emergency stopping of the electric heating oil furnace. Operators must operate according to the operating procedures.

3. The pipelines within the scope of the electric heating oil furnace should be insulated, except the flange connection.

4. In the process of ignition and pressure boost, the exhaust valve on the boiler should be opened many times to drain the air, water and organic heat carrier mixed steam. For the gas phase furnace, when the temperature and pressure of the heater conform to the corresponding relationship, the exhaust should be stopped and the normal operation should be entered.

5. The thermal oil furnace must be dehydrated before using. Different heat transfer fluid should not be mixed. When mixing is required, conditions and requirements for mixing shall be provided by the manufacturer before mixing.

6. The residual carbon, acid value, viscosity and flash point of the organic heat carrier in use should be analyzed every year. When two analyses fail or the content of decomposed comonents of the heat carrier exceeds 10%, the heat carrier should be replaced or regenerated.

7. The heating surface of electric heating oil furnace should be inspected and cleaned regularly, and the inspection and cleaning situation should be stored in the boiler technical file.

Post time: Jan-31-2023