What should be paid attention to when using air duct heaters?

Duct heaters are mainly used for industrial air ducts, room heating, large factory workshop heating, drying rooms, and air circulation in pipelines to provide air temperature and achieve heating effects. The main structure of the air duct electric heater is a frame wall structure with a built-in over-temperature protection device. When the heating temperature is higher than 120°C, a heat insulation zone or cooling zone should be set between the junction box and the heater, and a fin cooling structure should be set on the surface of the heating element. Electrical controls must be linked with fan controls. A linkage device should be set between the fan and the heater to ensure that the heater starts after the fan works. After the heater stops working, the fan must be delayed for more than 2 minutes to prevent the heater from being overheated and damaged.

Duct heaters are widely used in many industries, and their heating capacity is undeniable, but there are some points that need attention during operation:

1. The pipe heater should be installed in a ventilated place, and should not be used in a closed and unventilated environment, and should be kept away from flammable and explosive materials.

2. The heater should be installed in a cool and dry place, not in a humid and watery place to prevent the heater from leaking electricity.

3. After the air duct heater is in operation, the temperature of the outlet pipe and heating pipe inside the heating unit is relatively high, so do not touch it directly with your hands to avoid burns.

4. When using a pipe-type electric heater, all power sources and connection ports should be checked in advance, and safety measures should be taken.

5. If the air duct heater fails suddenly, the equipment should be shut down immediately, and it can be resumed after troubleshooting.

6. Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of the duct heater can effectively reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life. For example, replace the filter screen regularly, clean the inside of the heater and the air outlet pipe, clean the water pipe exhaust, and so on.

In short, when using duct heaters, it is necessary to pay attention to safety, maintenance, maintenance, etc., and take a series of measures to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.

Post time: May-15-2023