Electric silicon nitride igniter heater industrial 9V 55W glow plug

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Silicon Nitride igniter can heating up to 800 to 1000degree within tens of seconds. Silicone Nitride ceramic can sustain corrosion of melting metals. With proper instatllation and igniting process , the igniter can server several years.

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Silicon Nitride Igniters are normally rectangular in shape. These igniters have a lot operation zone up to 1000 degree C . and a cold zone in the contact area. Encapsulated terminal can prevent short circuit caused by conductive contamination.The durability of silicon nitride igniters have several times than that of silicon carbide products. Dimension , power and input voltage are customizable according to your requirement.

Product Silicon nitride ceramic heating igniter for biomass igniter
Material Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride
Voltage 8-24V ; 50/60HZ
Power 40-1000W
Max Temperature ≤1200℃
Application Fireplace; Stove; Biomass Heating; BBQ Grills & Cookers

silicon nitride igniter 3

1.Ignition of solid fuels (e.g. wood pellets)
2.Ignition of gas or oil
3.Reburning or igniter of exhaust fumes
4.heating of process gases
6.Brazing machines
7.Heater for corrosive atmosphere
8.R&D - laboratory equipment, measuring and testing equipment, reactors
9.Tool heating
10. Charcoal barbecue grill

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