Stainless steel 316 immersion flange heater for industrial liquid heating

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The immersion flange heater with cover shell is mostly used in acid and alkaline solution, and the stainless steel 316 material can protect the service life of the heating tube well, and it has certain corrosion resistance。The top can be installed with a very long terminal to do the role of fixing, so this type of immersion heater can be very good for any difficult to install the environment, and even then, it has a certain stability。


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Product Detail


The immersion flange heater using stainless steel 316 material can greatly extend the service life of the heater, stainless steel 316 material is used in some acid and alkaline solutions, such as well water.Its surface can also be extended to fix the immersion flange heater, even in very extreme installation environments we can also install it.


Tube diameter
Tube Material
Insulation Material
High purity MgO
Conductor Material
Nichrome Resistance Wire
Wattage Density
High/Middle/Low (5-25w/cm2)
Voltages available
380V, 240V, 220V, 110V, 36V, 24V or 12V.
Lead Connection Option
Threaded Stud Terminal or Lead Wire

Product composition and heating method:

Immersion heaters composed of high-temperature magnesium oxide powder, nickel alloy heating wire, stainless steel or other materials can more effectively increase the heat energy conversion by more than 3 times, which means that our immersion heaters have better heat energy conversion, and service life.



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Jiangsu Yanyan

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