Explosive-proof Heater

  • High quality 100KW electric air duct heater with blower for room heating

    High quality 100KW electric air duct heater with blower for room heating

    Air Duct Heater is mainly used for heating the air in the air duct. The common thing in the structure is that the steel plate is used to support the electric heating tube to reduce the vibration of the electric heating tube, and it is installed in the junction box.

  • Explosive-proof Pipeline Heater

    Explosive-proof Pipeline Heater

    Pipeline heater is a kind of energy-saving equipment that pre heats the material. The pipeline heater can be divided into two modes: one is to use the flange type tubular electric heating element inside the pipeline heater to heat the conduction oil in the reactor jacket in the pipeline heater, and transfer the heat energy in the pipeline heater to the chemical raw materials in the reactor inside the pipeline heater Another way is to insert the tubular electric heating elements in the tubular heater directly into the reactor in the tubular heater or evenly distribute the electric heating tubes around the wall of the tubular heater.

  • Explosive-proof Thermal Oil Furnace

    Explosive-proof Thermal Oil Furnace

    Thermal oil heater is a kind of new-typed heating equipment with heat energy conversion. It takes the electricity as power, changes it into the heat energy through the electrical organs, takes the organic carrier ( heat Thermal oil ) as medium, and continues to heat through the compulsive circulation of the heat Thermal oil driven by high-temperature oil pump, so as to meet the heating requirements of users. In addition, it could also satisfy the requirements of set temperature and temperature controlling accuracy.